Festive Season greetings and a Happy new year for 2018

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Festive Season greetings and a Happy new year for 2018

Post by richardtl » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:31 am

To our all our followers, members, fellow militaria collectors and reenactor groups, the NRCC wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful festive season and new year.

2018 proved to be an excellent year for the NRCC. We had a influx of new and keen members, who have brought a new energy into our group. Welcome to you all. To our stalwarts, well done for keeping the group at the front of borderwar reenactment. We have made new friends and met with new groups from around the world, many who share a common interest. Many have made contact with our group for information pertaining to equipment etc.

This year saw a good mix of displays at various events. We won some accolades from event organisers, which were highly appreciated. We tried various new displays and display types to keep it interesting for the public and those veterans who we met at these events. Your feedback is as always highly appreciated.

We also ran our normal airsoft reenactments, with this year being the "Bos" titled events, who can forget Ops DonkerBos, Ops Bosluis, Ops Bosdyf, etc. We did this at our normal venues but also who can forget the new venues, such as Horse-lick Farm?
Hopefully we achieved our goal of keeping alive the memory of the various Borderwars, throughout southern Africa and the various combatants involved.

We finished the year on a high with our normal NRCC Formal Mess event, which is run along the proper lines of a traditional military mess event. This saw a new record number of attendees. This event is growing year by year and this year we extended the invitation to heads of organization who helped further our group and to fellow reenactment group. Fun and good memories were made by all attendees.

For the New Year we have some exciting new plans to grow the club and expand our involvement and please keep in touch to see exciting news about this.

Please enjoy but take care over the festive season, and we here at the NRCC will see you all in the new year.

Regards the NRCC Committee.

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