Happy new year and our 2015 year in review.

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Happy new year and our 2015 year in review.

Post by richardtl » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:26 pm

FROM "NIGHT OPS" TO "STRAF DOP", our NRRC 2015 year in review.

I must start by saying, many thanks to all the guys who contributed to our club and took part in the events and added value to this group via the facebook page or the Nutria forum.

Over the year we had 11 or 12 group events, depending on which events you include.

One of my fears was that the scenarios and events would fail or get boring and lack the necessary variance. Fortunately that never seemed the case. In many cases the NRRC, was renamed the Border wars hiking club, with large distances covered between the “contacts”. So even if we were to get bored we would certainly be fit,however with a great team of players per event there were never any let downs. The intent was to let the briefings be as accurate as possible and aimed at the correct level, i.e. section or platoon and not division, so as to keep it realistic.

2015 was the year when the club structure was properly put into place with a constitution and all the components required.

This year we certainly did a lot of varied events, of which some are:
1) A formal display at the Voortekker Monument Military Faire, which knocked the socks off the general public, who enjoyed the actual legitimate Militaria of our club members to Airsoft weapons displayed. Many could not believe that they were not real and even close up passed muster for the variants used in the various Southern African Border wars.
2) We tried to play at new fields including Hekpoort and 1RNT.
3) We conducted our first night operation, out of which much was learnt and will be used for future games. Also we once again showed that real SOP’s work even in Airsoft. This game saw some of the guys hiking up to 15km or more.
4) Our anniversary event saw OPS Zulu Foxtrot. A recreation of the scenes in KZN/Natal. The photos of the game on the forum certainly don’t do it justice.
5) We were presented the opportunity, albeit on extremely short notice, to do a chopper event at the Swartkops Museum Airshow. After a lot of practise we successfully pulled this off. I’m not sure our insurgents ever want to be strafed by a vintageVenom ever again.
6) Every game took a varied aspect of the Border wars and all were enjoyable. From the non-stop get up and go and pressure of the OPS Cosmos, where in the end and with everyone running out of ammo the insurgents finally overran the SADF temporary base. To the slower OPS Judas where an elusive Insurgent Force kept the SADF and Rhodesian forces searching and hunting for them.
7) Many of the scenarios saw unexpected realistic twists or changes, as one would experience in real combat and the bush.
8) We found a nice balance in terms of game flow to keep the Airsoft games moving and fluid and realistic as possible.
9) New tactics were taught, such as proper ambushes and factors such as tracking of an opfor were used.
10) We tried to keep our kit and uniforms as accurate as possible and within in the bounds of the scenario, i.e. SADF soldier will look as one, albeit covering an acceptable time span.
11) The year culminated in a proper formal dinner, carried out per the NRRC tradition. Most did not know what to expect, never having attended an actual Military Mess event. They were all surprised and certainly enjoyed it. Remember military life is not all about fifteen minute Airsoft fire-fights and there are other aspects to the military. Many fines were handed out for not following the required etiquette though. This finished with our annual commendations, with both floating and individual trophies being given out.
12) What we introduced and will build upon this further was period correct training and “education”, including drill and model building and tactics wrt to patrols, ambushes and fire & movement.
13) The frequency of the events also ensured a nice momentum for the year, being almost monthly.

The year saw new aspects added to the games and the equipment builds came along further with more R4/R5 and R1 custom builds being added. Also everyone’s equipment and uniforms improved over the previous years. It was great to see the insurgent kit and equipment coming together, with many of the players opting for the OD green or Warsaw Pact rain pattern.
What lies forward?
Next year will see the same winning formula and build upon it further, with each Airsoft event we learn and over our 3 years very few of the scenarios or events have been the same and we have many still to do. We aim to keep the same frequency so as to keep up the momentum. We are looking at doing the same wide variance to keep the interest up.
There are other new play areas we will be investigating as a result of new exciting and applicable Milsim scenarios.

All I can say is, I will certainly be looking forward to it. Hold your heads high as you all made 2015 and will do the same in the coming year.

Militaria and its collecting and re-enacting are a dedicated and expensive hobby and with this in mind, a closing remark “Please don’t let my wife/girlfriend/mom sell my toys for what I told her I paid for them.”

Happy New Year to you, your loved ones and your families, may 2016 be even better!!!

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Re: Happy new year and our 2015 year in review.

Post by francois » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:32 am

Thank you oom Richard for the post. Looking forward to 2016.

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Re: Happy new year and our 2015 year in review.

Post by SargeAntZ » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:10 am

Great post there sir .

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Re: Happy new year and our 2015 year in review.

Post by slaaibak » Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:03 pm

We're going to have a stunning 2016!
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