SADF Medical classifications

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SADF Medical classifications

Post by richardtl » Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:03 am

Most guys will remember G1K1, as most soldiers were this.
G stands for Gesondheid (Heralth) and K for klimaatsaanwending (climate application).

G1K3. Medicaly fit with restrictions.

G3K3 - totally buggered.

G4K4 is totally the worst. G = general (all fingers and toes and they work) K = Chronic (asthema / blood pressure etc). N = Navy (can go to sea), S = Submarine (can take the physical and physco of submarine life). D = Dive medical (Navy diver fit). A = Flying fit (pilots and i beleive paratroopers). Havent seen any others. So a Navy guy at sea will look like G1K1N1. or if on Submarines G1K1N1S1 and so on.

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Re: SADF Medical classifications

Post by francois » Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:14 am

Would like to add;
G refers to the “ground duty factor”

G1/G2: indicates total fitness for ground duties
G3: Physical activities are limited and these are clearly defined by relevant restriction codes
G4: Member is only fit for admin duties

K refers to the “geographic and environmental factors”

K1: Member is suitable for service in all geographical areas
K2: Unfit for active operations in the field and unfit for foreign deployment, may render service in temporary unit base areas and may do routine border patrols
K3: Unfit for active operations in the field and unfit for foreign deployment, may only render service in units permanent base areas
K4: Member is only fit for restricted service in base area where specialised and general medical service is available.

The reality was a totally different thing.

G1K1: Healthy, perfect canon fodder, no missing limbs, has own teeth.
G2K1: Healthy but wearing glasses, dentures, hearing aid or had bad eyes, physically OK, perfect canon fodder too.
G2K2: As above.
G3K3: Usually asthma sufferers were G3.
G4K4: These were troops with serious medical problems. “Suurstof diewe”. Usually ended up as clerks or storemen.
GT: Temporary deferment due to medical grounds.
G5/GP: The army considered you dead, you were of no use to them at all. Medically discharged. (The ideal classification to have)

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